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Bobs Dirt
Have a question or a great gardening tip? Post it on the Message Board. Use the experience of fellow members to help you find information on that sweet tomato or pesky bug.

Full Cycle Farms
We can help you grow your own gourmet mushrooms such as shiitake, oyster, morel, plus we have dried stock for sale.

Vegetable seed catalogue, propagation and disease management articles and e-mail clinic brought to you by Medwyn Williams, R.H.S. Chelsea gold medal winner.

Pepper Joe's
Rare Hot Pepper & Tomato Seed & Garden Catalog. Free Newsletter for Chileheads. Free Pepper-Postcards.

Pumpkin Nook
Pumpkin Nook is your internet community for pumpkins. It includes growing, facts and information, Halloween, Thanksgiving, recipes, fun and games and much more. It is also home to Pumpkin Nook News, a free online newsletter.

Pumpkins On The Web
This site is devoted to Atlantic Giant Pumpkins. In these pages you will be able to see patch updates from me and other growers, find links to all there is to know about growing giant pumpkins, have some fun in the oddities, see an ugliest pumpkin contest, win an award and much more.

The Chef's Garden
Gourmet Plants for Great Cooks! Specializing in dozens of varieties of Heirloom Tomatoes, Culinary herbs, and unique vegetable plants. Online ordering, Growing tips for Beginners, and Recipes

Uncle Steve's HOT Stuff
Anything and Everything about HOT Chile Peppers. Seeds, Books, Growing Information, Hot Sauces, Smoke-dried Chiles, Recipes, Chile game, Heat Scale. World's hottest Chiles sold here!

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