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Boerner Botanical Gardens
Wisconsin tour finds itself heavy on textual explanations and light on the visual representations. Covers day lilies, perennials, and herbs.

Carpenter Perennial Gardens
Enthusiastic North Carolina gardener presents a slew of vibrant flower, insect, and waterfall photographs, graphic arts, and a camcorder.

Gazebo Hill Field Notes
Tour this lovely garden located in Newfoundland, Canada and find a guide to the native flora and fauna plus a bevy of valuable links.

Examine several virtual garden spaces inspired by fractal forms, parts of actual gardens, and historical art sources.

Kathi's Rose Garden
Introduces a variety of roses and defines their individual poetic natures. Includes an email address for correspondence.

Marie's Garden
Marie theoretically explains her passion for gardening, and provides colorful photographs of her sanctuary along with artwork and southern charm.

Mauve House Gardens
Examine before and after photographs and analysis of this Victorian house and garden. Includes related links.

Neva's Fruit Garden
Pear and apple varieties such as Honey Sweets and Greensleeves are documented in Neva's Nebraska location. Related links included.

North Carolina Visual Garden
Duke Univ. physics professor combines his passion for photography and flowers. Includes a tour of the campus gardens and an email address.

Robin Rosenberg's Garden
Investigate the Our Garden section which spotlights the varieties and individual flowers in Robin's Silicone Valley location.

Scotsman's English Garden
Consult the garden map then tour the orchids, ponds, grasses, trees, and shrubs. Meet the local animals, like Clyde the gatekeeper.

Socorro Roses
Sift through a complete list of rose, flower, and plant photographs from NM. Includes a Mystery Section, rose links, and plenty of personality.
Urban Garden
Discover the monthly progressions of this Vancouver, British Columbia, garden located on one resident's deck. Provides tips and ideas.

Water Lily Cottage
California location features a significant collection of plants, numerous gardens, fountains, statues, and animals.

Wynnie's Urban Oasis
Visit an Ohio garden and its selection of roses as well as a pond and other serene photos. Read a mini-essay on "sitting around."

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