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The Complete Container Garden The Complete Container Garden
by David Joyce
Hardcover - 216 pages (April 1996) , Reader's Digest Adult
ISBN: 0895778483

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Equal parts gorgeous and practical, Reader's Digest's The Complete Container Garden provides clear and straightforward advice accompanied by brightly colored close-up photography. From spring bulbs to winter berries, the range of plants and containers is tremendous, and the how-to tips are invaluable. You'll find techniques for training vines and topiary or planting strawberry jars, and generous coverage of basics like pruning, feeding, wintering, and deadheading.

The author pays great attention to choosing plants. The ideas for unusual foliage plants are exceptional, ranging from lovely purple-leaved cabbages to aromatic pelargonium. Only two brief pages are devoted to discussing pests and diseases, but the photos are a big help in identifying various creatures--for greater detail in getting rid of them, novice gardeners will need to look for other information sources.

Over 70 pages are devoted to descriptions of plants that are container-appropriate, and you'll have plenty to choose from in all categories--common bulbs and annuals as well as more unusual vegetables and small fruit trees are all represented with growing tips and optimal conditions, so you'll be sure to choose plants appropriate to your environment. Enjoyable inspiration for the novice or expert, you'll find this a worthy addition to both your coffee table and your reference shelf. --Jill Lightner.

Customer Reviews
Reviewer: john iv (see more about me) from Everett, WA United States
Beautifully presented, this book provides two different functions. The first part of the book is a standard introduction to container gardening, with information about how to plant pots, the order, and how best to arrange them. The author has some very nice instructional graphics to illustrate the steps, disembodied hands working in the dirt. The second and more interesting part of the book involved his breakdown of container plant types by color. Each main area of the color wheel is given a section, and plants for that color are described for spring, summer, and fall/winter. If you like to work and create your arrangements by combining color schemes, this will be very helpful. I'm still at the stage where a book like Hillier's 'Container Gardening Through the Year' was more appropriate providing concrete examples that you can go out and put together. Joyce does do that for a variety of pots, indicating through pot-maps where things should be planted etc., but that's not the main thrust of the book it appeared. I did like the presentation and can understand the high rankings this work receives.

Reviewer: brynal (see more about me) from USA
I recently got married and decided that I wanted to start gardening. But, I don't have a garden. I just have a very large deck on our new apartment. I have always wanted to decorate a deck or patio and windows with beautiful flowers. I just haven't ever known how. I found this book at a local book store and it has all the information you would ever need to know to set up your garden without a garden. It has beautiful pictures of container arrangements. But the best part is that in addition to the pictures it has diagrams of how to duplicate the arrangement. The book has wonderful instructions for someone like me who doesn't know anything about gardening. I just took my book to my local nursery and showed them what I wanted. I took it home and now I have the beautiful deck I have always wanted. What a fun new hobby! I highly recommend this book. I bought another container gardening book by Rebecca Cole and sent it back. It just didn't have the helpful information that I needed like this book has.

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The Complete Container Garden
by David Joyce
Hardcover - 216 pages (April 1996) , Reader's Digest Adult
ISBN: 0895778483

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